Philippines as a prime destination for BPO industry

August 29, 2020by admin0

In the past decades, Western countries have taken the challenge of creating industries based on the need for outsourced positions. The Philippines, an archipelago located in the Pearl of the Orient, is one of countries that filled the need for outsourcing. In the recent years, the business processes outsourcing (BPO) industry in the country experienced an exponential growth making Philippines as the primary destination for the BPO industry.

The world sees the Philippines as the leader for outsourcing. The Filipino BPO industry has created more jobs in the country and has brought in millions of dollars. Why is the BPO industry successful in the Philippines? Why is it the best place for BPO?

First, Filipinos have a high literacy rate. The education system in the Philippines uses English as their primary language allowing Filipinos to be more proficient in English. In the BPO industry, English proficiency is necessary to be able to communicate with the clients. Second, Filipinos have a deep understanding of Western culture. In order for outsourcing to be successful, there should be similarities between the cultures of the outsourcing provider and the client. Due to the close ties of Philippines with Western countries, Filipinos understand the customers better, thus they are able to provide a high-quality service. Lastly, the cost of labor in the Philippines is lower compared to English countries. It is beneficial for a company to cut costs and the cheaper living expenses in the Philippines makes it the perfect place for outsourcing.

For the past years, the Filipino BPO industry has proven that it is able to provide efficient and quality products and services. In a world where there a lot of options available, the Philippines can promise that it is going to give its best services to help companies lessen their burdens and struggles.

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