The Saga of Highlander Solutions BPO

Running 8 Years
Outsourcing on a New Normal Level

Embracing its core purpose, Highlander Solutions BPO initiates programs to uplift and guide others, sharing the legacy of stability and success.

The journey begins..

February 2016

Originating in the modest confines of a garage

In 2016, Highlander Solutions emerged from a garage amid personal and professional challenges. Faced with skepticism from even close circles, the journey was fraught with misaligned partnerships and misguided hires. However, in February, a new chapter began, driven by a mission to provide jobs.

Despite initial missteps, this pivotal year marked our commitment to resilience and noble intent. Highlander Solutions’ inception serves as a testament to overcoming obstacles and staying true to our vision, a journey that extends well beyond 2016.

February 2017

Highlander Solutions was born

A year later, in 2017, following a trial-laden period, we took a decisive step. We registered the business, obtaining the necessary permits, and relocated to Tayug, the heart of the 6th district in the province. Upholding our commitment to our workforce, we pursued the promise of stability. Though the landscape changed, our core objective remained unaltered – to persist and thrive in the face of adversity. The journey, however, continued to be fraught with challenges. Envy reared its head, accompanied by instances of betrayal within our ranks. Nevertheless, as the specter of competition loomed, we stood firm, resolute in upholding our commitment to deliver exceptional quality services to our clients, irrespective of the trials that beset us.

April 2018

Team Starts Growing

The second year marked a defining moment in our journey. Despite operating with basic and budget-friendly furniture, material possessions paled in significance. Our modest origins embraced us with invaluable experiences and cherished memories, forever etched in our hearts. With each passing day, our team blossomed, necessitating the expansion of our office space to accommodate new additions. These developments mirrored our progress, revealing the incremental growth that fueled our aspirations.

January 2019

Mission succeeded

After three years of operation, a triumphant milestone graced our path. Debts were settled, and the shackles of agreements forged by deceitful entities were cast off. In 2019, we ascended to our pinnacle, setting the stage for a transformative journey. The year marked a fresh chapter as we embarked on an extensive renovation endeavor. Simultaneously, we reached out to additional telecom providers, aiming to enhance our connectivity with lightning-fast internet speeds.

Investments were made in essential assets – a generator to secure uninterrupted operations, partitions to foster organized workspace, and ergonomic office chairs for enhanced comfort. As we scaled new heights, we remained steadfast in our commitment to clients, never losing sight of our roots.

Amid our accomplishments, we held onto humility, conscious that success should never cloud our demeanor. The seeds of gratitude were sown, acknowledging that our achievements were intertwined with divine guidance and blessings that surpassed imagination.

The darkest days

March 2020

Survival mode

March 2020 ushered in a stricter, unforeseen chapter while closing the chapter of the familiar reality we once knew. As the world underwent transformations, we girded ourselves for the battle against the Coronavirus. In the face of adversity, we stood resolute, ensuring our employees’ well-being by providing essential supplies, sustenance, and allowances to guarantee uninterrupted operations.

With a majority of our team benefiting from stable internet connections, they seamlessly transitioned to remote work from their homes. Simultaneously, those without such connectivity found refuge in the Founder’s residence, where both living and working spaces converged. Though challenging, this arrangement bolstered our commitment to clients and the continuity of our work.

Amid uncertainties, we turned to prayer for healing and restoration, yearning for a return to the world we cherished. Through it all, unwavering optimism propelled us forward, ensuring that positivity was the driving force that powered our journey.

April 2021

Adjusting to the New Normal

A year following the outbreak, fortune smiled upon our business, as we persevered while others succumbed to closure. With adaptability as our compass, we aligned ourselves with the government’s new directives. The return to our office marked a renewal, where diligent clean-up efforts were undertaken, and essential tools and equipment acquired to establish a safer working environment. Face masks and disinfectants became indispensable companions in this endeavor.

It was akin to rousing from a harrowing dream, a collective sigh of relief that reverberated through the team. Amid the recovery, we continued to extend opportunities, recruiting fresh talent to extend a helping hand to those who needed to rebuild their lives anew. The silver lining persisted – all our employees emerged from the trials unscathed, their health intact despite the adversities.

Amid these triumphs, a reminder of vulnerability emerged as the founder contracted the virus. Yet, they emerged victorious from the battle, underscoring a paramount lesson that transcended the turmoil: health’s primacy above all else. This saga reinforced the understanding that well-being forms the bedrock upon which everything else stands.


November 2022


In the year 2022, the Tiger’s energy infused our journey. As the world found its footing once again, we, too, charted a course of strategic evolution. Recognizing the imperative of resilience, we forged a partnership with another call center, securing a contingency plan to safeguard our employees’ continuity, irrespective of external challenges.

Our past experiences bore wisdom, and this time, we were determined to be equipped for any eventuality. The alliance with World Wide Web Solutions marked a proactive stride towards fortifying our operations. Their seasoned guidance and support became invaluable assets to us.

The horizon of 2022 held the promise of fresh opportunities, and with unwavering determination, we committed ourselves to enhancing our quality of service for both clients and employees. Our workplace became an embodiment of this promise – a space where innovation and dedication converged to create an environment like no other.

Let Success be the Noise

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